Monday, November 21, 2016

Why We Are Thankful

Do you suffer from insomnia? As in “tossin’ and turnin’ all night”? I’ve got the cure. Just read some insurance brochures. Or insurance policies and procedures manuals. Your head will hit the pillow so fast that you won’t know what hit you

Seriously, there are few industries that are more boring than insurance. These days, in the era of hyper compliance and regulation nearly every brochure, application, claim form, letterhead, and business card needs to be “scrubbed” for compliance review…sometimes the same forms need to be reviewed 51 or more times, by each state and the District of Columbia too.

Paperwork? Mountains of it. Thankfully, we are at least able to print our forms on demand rather than inventorying 51 different versions of 500 different forms and brochures.
So why do we do it? What makes it worthwhile? It’s simple. It’s because of you, our clients, your families, and friends. You’re what keeps us going. We have some relationships that go back nearly thirty years. Many of our clients are second and even third generation, people whose parents or grandparents started with us in the ‘80’s.

When I started this agency I knew that we would grow our company by becoming a resource for working people. I made it our objective to steer clear of the “one percenters”. After all, the wealthy have enough advisers, brokers, agents, and financial planners chasing them. And so, we built our company by catering to people who don’t get their benefits through work. We reach many of them through our partnerships with national trade associations. Our associations’ members include professional pet sitters, welders, dog groomers, bus drivers, cooks, professional pet trainers, locksmiths and security experts, self-publishing authors, little greeting card companies, and other similar trades and services. And we’ve got our share of doctors, lawyers, and accountants too, but they are all in their own practices, running small businesses just like most of our other clients.

Today, we are also privileged to serve hundreds of retirees, those of you who have worked hard all your lives to enjoy a secure retirement. We try to help make that retirement a little more secure, try to stretch your dollars a little bit further by watching your costs and your coverage.

And so by helping so many thousands of people who don’t have big corporate Human Resources departments or Employee Benefits specialists on staff we have developed very close, one on one relationships with some very diligent and hard-working people. We’ve come to know your kids, your employees, and your families and in many ways we feel like an extension of your families. We have heard about and shared your ups and downs along the way, helped solve some of your problems, and tried to be as supportive as possible when we could not.

And it is for this reason that we are so thankful. It’s nearly Thanksgiving, a time when most of us stop, take a breath, and count our blessings. Among our blessings are all of you. And for you we are grateful, today and every day of the year.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving and thanks for reading.

Alan Leafman, President
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P.S. Unfortunately there are thousands of children, right here in the United States who don’t have enough to eat. For many of them Thanksgiving isn’t a time to celebrate, it’s the beginning of a four-day weekend without any school lunches or enough food. Corbin’s Legacy, the charity started by my wife and I to honor our late daughter and kindergarten teacher extraordinaire, feeds hungry kids. Simple as that. If you would like to brighten the day of a hungry child share $1, $5, $10 or whatever you are comfortable sharing. You’ll feed some hungry kids and feed your spirit too.